Welcome, Breton Vexillological Society

The Breton Vexillological Society (Kevarzhe Vannielouriezh Vreizh — KVV / Société Bretonne de Vexillologie) joined FIAV in 1997, having been established the previous year. We welcome them as the 14th sponsor of World Vexillology Day!

The KVV flag

Welcome, Italian Center of Vexillological Studies

The Italian Center of Vexillological Studies (Centro Italiano Studi Vessillologici — CISV) is our 13th sponsor.  Benvenuto!

CISV was established in 1972, and joined the International Federation of Vexillological Associations (FIAV) the following year. Their website includes a colorful catalog of vexillological associations and their flags (in Italian).

And we are happy to share this news: CISV will be joining their compatriots in Bandiere Storiche to organize an event in Milan to celebrate World Vexillology Day this October 1. The event webpage is www.cisv.it/milano16.html

The CISV flag