Welcome, Vexillology Ireland / Brateolaíocht Éireann

We are happy to announce that Vexillology Ireland / Brateolaíocht Éireann (VIBE) will be participating in World Vexillology Day.  Welcome!

Here is a statement from VIBE’s Stan Zamyatin:

Flags have represented the aspirations of Irish people over centuries and reflected the political movements that have taken place on all sides. Today, flags have in many ways become the greatest symbol of identity and there are now more flags in the world than ever before. For that reason, there is no better time to start learning and designing flags than right now. Vexillology Ireland; Brateolaíocht Éireann promotes an awareness, appreciation and knowledge of Ireland’s vexillological heritage and of vexillology in general. We look forward to celebrating World Vexillology Day with our friends from around the world on 1 October, 2016.

The VIBE flag

Author: SDM

Ethnography * Technology * Design

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